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I love auditing, but it can be a scary process for some customers, especially for those that have never experienced an ISO audit before. So here are some top tips for getting the most out of any audit

  1. Answer the question directly. Sometimes the answer can be a yes or a no.
  2. Be honest! If you don’t know, say so! Ask the auditor if you can find someone else to answer that question!
  3. Avoid offering up more information than required! Auditors often use techniques to get the answer they want, such as using silence. Its human nature to fill these gaps but don’t offer more information that has not been asked for.
  4. Be polite, but firm. Challenge your auditors if they have misunderstood your process or your organisation. Auditors are not traffic wardens; we are there to find conformity to the standard, not non-conformity. Often “Sorry I don’t understand” and “Sorry I think I should explain” are powerful tools!

Auditors are people too! But if your is not professional let your cert body know!

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